About Us

Our brand

Boutique of Couture (BOC) was created to empower women globally of all shapes and sizes to be confident in themselves and who they are. We provide these strong women with quality and unique styles without the hefty price tag. BOC is more than a brand it’s a look and feel that is exclusive to our BOC Babes. We believe that value is more than a designer price tag its the person within. We look for the woman in the dress, if there is no woman there is no dress. With new arrivals dropping weekly, we ensure that all of our BOC babes are confident and ready to take on the world in whatever they have on

Our bad-ass boss

Our boss-babe, a UK born lass is always recognised for her unique style and eye for new trends. This bad-ass used her fashion sense and savvy business skills to turn her dream into a reality when she launched Boutique of Couture. She makes it a point to make all of our BOC babes the trendsetters among their circle.

Our BOC babes

Boutique of Couture celebrates and empowers women of all shapes and sizes – and age is nothing a number. Our BOC babes represent what we stand for, showing what it takes to be a dope girl with style and class. We want our BOC babes to wear our clothes with confidence, the ability to be themselves and achieve whatever they set their mind to.